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The Finisher


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The Finisher™: Unlock Superior Core Strength with John Wilkin’s Signature Tool

When you immerse yourself in the ambiance of John Wilkin’s Arete by JW gym, it’s immediately apparent that this is a space of transformation. Spearheaded by ‘Mr. Foundation’ himself, the gym revolves around a singular philosophy: a strong core is the key to holistic well-being. In line with this philosophy comes The Finisher™. This 14lb, 35” exercise bar is meticulously crafted to optimize your workout. Initiate your routine in a high plank walk exercise, maintaining impeccable alignment with The Finisher™.

The tool targets deep cervical flexors for neck stability and activates a plethora of muscles, from the upper core and shoulder girdle to the lower core musculature and the anterior tibialis muscle (push-off muscle) . Whether it’s the deltoid, rhomboids, or the internal/external obliques, every facet of your core receives unparalleled attention.

But the prowess of The Finisher™ isn’t just in its comprehensive muscle engagement. It’s in its adaptability. Suitable for varied exercises like push-ups, high plank walks, and dynamic full-body movements, it’s designed for both novice and seasoned athletes. In just under 15 minutes, witness a transformation in physical, mental, and emotional state.

With The Finisher™, John Wilkin offers more than just an exercise tool; he provides a promise of peak physical transformation. Commit to excellence and embrace the revolution in core training.

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